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Research Group

Current members #

  • Dr. Viktor Bezborodov

  • Marianne Abemgnigni Njifon, M.Sc.
    PhD topic: Neural network models for spatial data

  • Leoni Wirth, M.Sc.
    PhD topic: Approximation of random graphs

  • Tobias Weber, B.Sc.

Former members

  • Dr. Raoul Müller
    Barycenters and ANOVA for Point Pattern Data
    joint supervision with Prof. A. Schöbel
  • Dr. Johannes Wieditz
    Characteristic and Necessary Minutiae in Fingerprints (2021)
    joint supervision with Prof. Stephan Huckemann
  • Dr. Henning Höllwarth
    Regularized Rao–Blackwellization – An Extension of a Classical Technique with Applications to Gibbs Point Process Statistics (2020)
  • Dr. Jörn Schrieber
    Algorithms for Optimal Transport and Wasserstein Distances (2019)
    joint supervision with Prof. Anita Schöbel
  • Dr. Garyfallos Konstantinoudis
    Analysis of Clustering of Childhood Cancers (2019)
    joint supervision with PD Ben Spycher, PhD, Universität Bern
  • Dr. Fabian Kück
    Convergence Rates in Dynamic Network Models (2017)
  • Dr. Kaspar Stucki
    Invariance Properties and Approximation Results for Point Processes (2013)
    joint supervision with Prof. Ilya Molchanov, Universität Bern